Conservative/Masorti Leaders Condemn Hateful Graffiti

May 12, 2014 / 12 Iyar 5774

As leaders of the Conservative/Masorti movement, we are deeply troubled by the hateful image – a swastika inside a Magen David – found spray-painted outside Moreshet Yisrael, a Masorti congregation in the heart of Jerusalem and part of the Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center for Conservative Judaism.  This is the third such act of vandalism at the Center in the last two weeks. 

What disturbs us most is that such graffiti reflects an increasingly hateful tone in Israeli public discourse, one which vilifies those with whom we disagree. The graffiti also reflects the increasing use of Holocaust imagery in a way that causes pain to survivors and cheapens the memory of the worst calamity ever to befall the Jewish People.

We call on Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Israeli government, and Jews everywhere to condemn this kind of hateful discourse. We urge the police to investigate and bring to justice the person or persons responsible for this vandalism. Finally, we call on Jewish leaders to take care that their words not inspire vandalism and inflame hatred but instead set an example of civility and respect even toward those with whom we strongly disagree.

Yizhar Hess, Chair and CEO, The Masorti Movement in Israel

Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, Executive Vice-President, The Rabbinical Assembly

Rabbi Gerald Skolnik, President, The Rabbinical Assembly

Richard Skolnik, President, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

Rabbi Steven Wernick, CEO, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

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