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NEW YORK, JULY 1, 2013 – Signaling a bright future for Conservative day school education, the Schechter Day School Network and United Synagogue have just been awarded nearly $2 million in grants that will allow the day school network to dramatically enhance its ability to strengthen North America’s 43 Schechter schools.

The grants include nearly $1.7 million in funding from the Avi Chai Foundation for capacity building and programming, and a substantial challenge grant from an anonymous foundation.

“These grants are transformative, enabling us to provide an unprecedented level of service to our Schechter schools,” said Dr. Steven C. Lorch, president of the Schechter Network board. “They will generate extraordinary momentum for our programs, the immediate beneficiaries of which will be our schools, the gifted educators who teach in and lead them, and their students.”

The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism will remain for the immediate future the institutional home of the Schechter Network, which is pursuing separate incorporation as a not-for-profit organization. USCJ has pledged continued financial support for Schechter and advocacy for day school education as part of its Learning Department’s multi-pronged program initiatives.

Following its 2011 strategic plan, United Synagogue worked with an array of Conservative leaders and education experts to create a new vision for Conservative Jewish learning.  This new “learning paradigm” called in part for the Schechter Network to become more independent and to expand its fundraising capacity in order to strengthen schools, increase enrollment, and establish new Schechter schools.

“These grants indicate growing support for Schechter, and for United Synagogue’s vision for Jewish education,” said Rabbi Jim Rogozen, Chief Learning Officer at USCJ.

Rabbi Steven Wernick, CEO of United Synagogue, added, “We are delighted that our work in helping to build a more independent Schechter Network and to bolster its fundraising capacity has been validated as the right direction for Conservative Jewish day schools. We look forward to offering ongoing support and collaboration.”

Rabbi Wernick credited the director of the Schechter Network, Dr. Elaine Shizgal Cohen, for her tremendous leadership in shepherding the network through the complex planning process that allowed it to reach this milestone. The process was funded by a grant from the Avi Chai Foundation which, said Cohen, “enabled us to create a strategic and business plan for better serving our schools and for enhancing the Schechter Network’s financial strength and stability. The results were very much worth waiting for.”

Earlier this year, Cohen announced that she would retire at the end of June 2014 after many years serving as the Schechter Network’s solo professional staff. An outstanding educator, Cohen spearheaded numerous initiatives, including the rebranding project “Engage the World,” the Mekor Hayyim grant on Judaism and the Environment, and the Summer Institute for Rabbinics teachers in partnership with Mechon Hadar. She served on the leadership team of the North American Jewish Day School Conference since its inception.

The Schechter Network has appointed Dr. Jon Mitzmacher as its new executive director. Mitzmacher is a nationally recognized expert in the field of 21st-century learning, and his school, the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School in Jacksonville, a Schechter Network school, has done pioneering work in the field. Mitzmacher will be taking on full-time responsibility for leading the Network as soon as he finishes his term at his current school. 

“Dr. Mitzmacher is exactly the right leader for the Schechter Network at this pivotal moment,” said Lorch, the network president. “He is an innovator, a visionary, and an inspirational educator.”

“Jon has proven himself to be a visionary 21st century Jewish educational leader and we are thrilled that he will take the helm of the Schechter Network,” added Jane Taubenfeld Cohen, who chaired the search committee.

“I am honored and excited to assume leadership of this network whose past is so filled with accomplishment and whose future shines so brightly,” said Mitzmacher. “I look forward to assembling a powerhouse team with whom we will deliver on the promise of a strategic plan that promises to so significantly enhance services to our schools. “

In addition to their work with other USCJ education programs, Cohen and Rogozen’s presence in the Learning Department will ensure a smooth transition for a new leadership team that will include, in addition to the executive director, a development professional, education programming professionals, and field consultants.

About the Schechter Day School Network

The Schechter Day School Network advances educational excellence and collaboration among Jewish day schools that share its dual commitment to tradition and modernity. The Network serves the needs of its community of schools for connection, innovative Jewish programs, professional development, and advocacy.

About United Synagogue

The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism is a community of more than 600 North American kehillot – sacred communities -- committed to a dynamic Judaism that is learned and passionate, authentic and pluralistic, joyful and accessible, egalitarian or traditional.  

Our congregations create the conditions for a powerful and vibrant Jewish life, empowering Jews in North America to seek the presence of God, to seek meaning and purpose in Torah and mitzvot, to fully engage with Israel, and to be inspired by Judaism to improve the world and the Jewish people.  USCJ serves over 200,000 households in North America, representing more than one million people. More information is available at

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