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Information on Proposed New Dues System

At 1 p.m. on March 9, 2014, USCJ kehillot will vote on a proposed new dues system based on a percent of synagogue operating revenues rather than number of family units. The rate would be set at 2.25 percent. Based on kehilla feedback, this proposal has been SIGNIFICANTLY REVISED since first presented at the General Assembly of Kehillot in October 2013.

New Method for Calculating Revenues: The method for calculating operating revenues now uses NET revenues from certain programs, such as preschools and fundraising events like dinners and galas. Click here to see a detailed explanation of the revised method for calculating operating revenues. Click here for additional sample revenue calculations.

Get the Details: View a detailed PowerPoint about the plan, plus FAQs.

Calculate Your Estimated Dues: Click here for a worksheet to estimate your dues under the proposed new system.

To vote on the proposal: Your kehilla president or highest ranking officer must have registered a representative to the General Assembly of Kehillot by January 31, 2014. Registration is now closed.

Learn More: Listen to two webinars on the dues proposal.

Important Things To Know

  • The revised proposal calculates operating revenues differently. For programs such as preschool or fundraisers like galas and dinner dances, you would count NET, not gross, revenue.
  • We believe the new system would be fairer to all kehillot, offering a more accurate measure of their financial health.
  • The proposal, at 2.25 percent of operating revenues, is NOT designed to raise the total amount of dues collected by USCJ. Hence it is described as “revenue neutral.”
  • We expect that most kehillot will see their dues remain stable. And we will cap the size of any increases or decreases over prior years at 10 percent for the first three years of implementing the new plan.
  • Make sure to compare your estimated dues for next year to your full dues bill for this year – not to what you paid after receiving a variance.
  • There will still be a variance process under the new system.
  • The new method would do away with any district “add-ons” currently in effect.

The new dues system is the culmination of 18 months of analysis of USCJ's dues structure by professionals and lay leaders from both USCJ and our kehillot. Creating a fairer dues system was mandated in the Strategic Plan adopted in 2011.

At the October 2013 meeting of the General Assembly of Kehillot (GA) held in Baltimore, the leadership of USCJ presented a preliminary dues restructuring initiative for review and comment by our congregations. After extensive feedback from our members – through Webinars, emails, focus groups, and conversations – substantial changes were made to the original plan.

Based on those comments and feedback, at its meeting on December 22, the USCJ board unanimously approved sending the new dues plan to the General Assembly of Kehillot for a vote.

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