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Dues Changes

On Sunday, June 8, 2014, the General Assembly of Kehillot, comprising representatives of every USCJ congregation, voted to approve a new dues rate for affiliated synagogues.

In a proportional voting system based on synagogue size, the results were 528 in favor of the change and 140 against. A total of 144 kehilla representatives voted, in person and online. (The non-proportional vote, based on number of synagogues, was 107 in favor of the change and 37 against.) Under the USCJ bylaws adopted in 2011, the General Assembly must approve any change in dues.

The new dues rate is $74.50 for each full-paying member unit of a kehilla. This rate eliminates all “add-ons,” which for the first time in many years equalizes the rate among all United Synagogue kehillot. In addition to the General Assembly’s action, the Board of Directors voted Sunday to continue offering a five percent dues discount for kehillot which pay their full dues and submit a membership reporting form (MRF) and updated mailing list by December 31. (This discount does not apply to kehillot seeking a dues variance or those considered senior congregations.)

The structure of the USCJ dues system will not change, and the procedure for applying for variances is still in effect. If you have any questions about dues, please contact your Kehilla Relationship Manager

inally, as many of you are aware, there was an effort made earlier this year to restructure the dues system at United Synagogue. Though the G.A. did not adopt that proposal, many of you have since offered thoughtful comments and feedback about how we might revise the proposal in the future. If you would like to have input during this process, please email Barry Mael, Director of Kehilla Operations and Finance, or Julian Brook, International Treasurer.

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