Moach Madness: Justice and Injustice

  1. Write your own definition of the word "Justice." Keep your definition short and sweet, and don't worry - there isn't any one right answer.
  2. According to the Random House Dictionary, "Justice" has several definitions. Here they are:
    1. ___ The quality of being just; righteousness, fairness, or moral rightness.
    2. ___ Rightfulness or lawfulness
    3. ___ The moral principle determining just conduct.
    4. ___ Giving deserved punishment or reward
    5. ___ Judgment of people or causes by laws and courts.
    Circle the definition that is closest in meaning to the answer YOU gave in question #1.
  3. Now rank the five definitions of "Justice" in part 2 in the order of importance with one being most important and six being least important. Again, there are no right or wrong answers. Think about a time you can remember when you (or someone you know) were treated unjustly. Think about what the circumstances were and how you felt at the time. Then, on the back of this sheet, either write a few sentences or draw a sketch describing that incident.

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