Curriculum Components

  6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
Core 35 minute lessons: Yom Rishon at Hag Worts (opening day) 30 minute lessons: Intro to 7th Grade Core (opening day)
  • Areivoot
    • Defining Areivoot
    • Pidyon Shvuyim
    • Zionism
  • B'tzelem Elohim
  • Hiyuv
  • Shituf Pe'ulah Im Hakadosh Baruch Hu
1 hour lessons:
Iyun Tefillah 30 minute lessons:
  • Torah Service
  • Amidah (Shabbat)
30 minute lessons:  
Gemilut Hasadim and Family Programs Bikkur Holim: Learn how to make a visit, create get well baskets for someone coming home from the hospital, make a visit.

Kashrut: Learn to read labels, shop, cook and share meal with parents, Kosher Week.

Friendship: Students explore friendships with parents.

Why Pray: Meal of Many Blessings

Hands-On: Sustained mitzvah projects, both bein adam laMakom and bein adam lehavero, for Jews and others, animals and the environment.

  • Areivoot
  • Hiyuv
  • Shituf Peulah
Moach Madness (“Warm-up” activities to do individually as students arrive.) 10 minutes at the beginning of each session 10 minutes at the beginning of each session  
Project Box (Individual projects selected by students.) 20 minutes - once a week 20 minutes - once a week  
Davening 10 - 15 minutes 10 - 15 minutes  
Training 3.5 day training session for Educational Directors
2 day training session for teachers

Note: Schools are responsible for selecting and implementing their own Hebrew Program. Project Etgar can provide recommendations and guidance.

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