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Council of District Leadership
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

Chairman Alan Weissman
Past Council Chairman Richard Helfand
International President Richard Skolnik


The purpose of the Council shall be to advance the interests and enunciate the viewpoint of the regions in matters of their concern.


  1. To become in fact an advocacy group for the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.
  2. Recognition by members of the council that they must be dedicated to representing the needs of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and of all the regions.
  3. Creation of a mechanism that would insure prompt, serious consideration of council recommendations to the officers, staff, executive committee, board of directors, and/or the various committees of the United Synagogue.
  4. To make every effort to identify and deal with problems of the regions as they seek to carry out the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism's programs.
  5. The creation, with appropriate financing, of programs that when brought to the congregations by regions will enhance the image of the United Synagogue.
  6. A forum for sharing ongoing ideas and programs relating to regions.

The council also has a budget from which it provides funding to projects and programs that have the potential for being implemented across the organization in any number of regions.

This council also administers grant proposals to regions for innovative programming that could be replicated in other regions or to regions where special financial needs exist.

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