State-of-the-Art Bookkeeping Provided by Kesef Accounting Service

It is USCJ’s goal to continue to provide kehilla management solutions that can help to make synagogue operations more efficient and modern - and USCJ is partnering with Kesef Accounting Service, the leading outsourced bookkeeping provider to synagogues in the country today. We are excited to partner with Kesef because it’s an accomplished, proven firm with years of experience in the field and clients nationwide. Kesef professionals are expert at explaining the the benefits of a modern outsourced bookkeeping system and at providing a smooth transition to their platform.   

Many synagogues today rely on small administrative staffs that are stretched to the breaking point as they often face the financial challenges associated with membership needs and demands.  As an alternative to in-house financial management, scores of synagogues today have found that outside service providers can help them efficiently navigate the path to successful financial control and management. 

Kesef will offer USCJ’s affiliated congregations a chance to determine whether outsourced bookkeeping can be an effective financial services management tool. Kesef is willing to review your current bookkeeping practices and costs - at no charge - as part of their partnership with USCJ and to offer a 5% first-year discount to new clients.  

The benefits of working with Kesef include:

  • Significant savings on operational costs (typically 15-25% on bookkeeping);
  • Incorporating state-of-the art controls into your financial processes;
  • Redirecting valuable staff resources to better meet synagogue needs;
  • Modernizing your bookkeeping, A/R and A/P management, financial reporting, and payment services processing;
  • Accurate and up-to-date financial reports.

In addition, Kesef’s electronic member billing statement delivery system can provide savings and payment processing efficiencies for your members as part of their overall support of financial services management process.  As a benefit to USCJ-affiliated kehillot, Kesef will discount this service for new users as well.  This service is also available to kehillot even if they do not engage Kesef as their bookkeeping firm.

This partnership can offer significant financial control, increased efficiencies and savings for our kehillot and their members that opt for outsourcing of these services.

What are people saying?

"We find the service to be professional and focused on customer satisfaction with staff who are always willing to problem-solve, no matter what the issue.  Kesef has a deep understanding of the ways in which Jewish organizations run and an equally deep respect for our calendar. It is immensely helpful as a Jewish professional to have an accounting firm that already 'speaks' our language."

Ellen Johnson, Executive Director, Congregation Sons of Israel (Briarcliff Manor, NY)

"Moving to Kesef allowed The Jewish Center to get access to a better technology platform and superior control processes than we could have accomplished on our own.  When sitting through a recent NAASE program on Fraud Prevention, I mentally ticked off recommendations that Kesef was already doing on our behalf -- a good feeling. During the first three years as a client of Kesef, their work helpd The Jewish Center save approximately $130,000 -- that's counting the savings in staffing, banking, outside accounting and technology."

Amy E. Rubin, Former Executive Director, The Jewish Center (Princeton, NJ)

Click the links below for to learn more about how Kesef Accounting Service can support your bookkeeping needs:

We hope that you will take a few moments to review the information about this service. Then, if you have further questions, please use the special Kesef Kehilla hotline or designated email address: 855-537-3327 (855-KESEF-AS) or The professionals at Kesef are eager to assist you.

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