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Session 1 - The Leadership Plan

On Tuesday, December 11, 2012, Rabbi Charles Savenor, our director of kehilla enrichment, and Robert Leventhal, leadership specialist, conducted a webinar about first unit of Sulam for Current Leaders (SCL), "The Leadership Plan." This session was designed to explore the power of mission and vision, discover the benefits of a more strategically-minded board and create a Learning Agenda for your board. In addition to revisiting the key components of SCL 1, this webinar introduced our new material, “Step Up!”, which is a 20 minute board exercise. The “Step Up!” presented during this webinar dealt with our new approach to goal setting entitled P.A.C.T. Goals.

A P.A.C.T. Goal provides leaders with a vital tool to honor their volunteer commitments by crafting goals so that they serve the synagogue’s strategic purpose. P.A.C.T. stands for purpose, action, capacity and time. We use the acronym P.A.C.T. since members have a covenantal obligation to honor their commitments. Equally important, P.A.C.T.Goals can help our leaders step up and achieve their potential. The webinar was a training session for facilitators who will implement the session with their kehillot. You are invited to listen to the webinar.

Webinar about “The Leadership Plan and P.A.C.T. GOALS”

To review the content of the recent webinar, please click here. To see the SCL 1 PowerPoint slide presentation, click here. Feel free to print and share with your board.

The components for the SCL session (90 minutes) and “Step Up!” exercise (20 minutes) are found below:

Sulam for Current Leaders - Taking the First Step

Sulam for Current Leaders provides a toolkit that helps you plan around issues of leadership, delegation, and accountability. It explores the managerial challenges of volunteer and staff relationships, as well as the visionary aspects that make synagogue leadership special andsacred.

Which first step is the right one for you? “The Leadership Plan” or this “Step Up!” on P.A.C.T. Goals? Please contact your KRM or kehilla@uscj.org to discuss how you can move forward.

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