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USCJ National Medical Insurance Program

In talks with congregational leaders, an overwhelming majority have told us that one of your biggest challenges is obtaining high-quality, cost-effective health insurance for your employees.  

For the last two years, we have worked assiduously to research this complex issue and see if we could leverage the size of our synagogue community to create a workable plan that would meet your needs. Many of you helped in this effort by sharing data that our consultant used to go to the insurance market and obtain projected premiums.    

We are very pleased to tell you that we now have a real, viable plan to offer our kehillot, and that our Board of Directors has just approved presenting the plan to USCJ members. Based on your response, the board will make a decision about whether to launch the initiative.  

Now it’s up to you
: The only way this groundbreaking initiative can work is if enough congregations decide to sign up. If you are interested, you must let us know by returning the Letter of Intent and Employee Census. We need these documents no later than March 3, 2014. (You must resend the census even if you have already done so. See “What You Need To Do” for detailed instructions.)

We hope you will give this initiative serious consideration. By joining, you will gain a well-priced, high-quality plan managed by a third party administrator and providing health insurance on the same level as major corporations.  

What’s more, the plan is very likely to save you money – for some kehillot right away and for others beginning in the second year. Our test-marketing with several kehillot showed this savings to be in the range of 15 to 20 percent over a two- to three-year period. The plan will also save you the time and difficulty of searching for good, affordable health insurance for your staff.  

To help you decide if the plan is right for your congregation, read a detailed description of the program here. You will also find FAQs and a workbook to help you estimate what the cost to your kehilla would be.  

To help answer your questions we have also set up the following:
  • A National Health Care hotline at 201-377-3407. You will speak directly to our health insurance consultants who can answer any of your questions.  
  • Three WebEx information sessions, which were held January 15 and 16. Listen to a recording of the January 15 WebEx.  
So please, look over the information, and call the hotline if needed. Then, if you’d like to participate, let us know by sending back your information by March 3.   Together, we can move this major initiative forward and help you and all of our kehillot meet the health care challenge. 

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