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United Synagogue Announces New CD-ROM: "Kosher: Sanctifying the Ordinary"

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"Kosher: Sanctifying the Ordinary" is a lively CD-ROM explaining Jewish dietary laws. A joint project of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and the Rabbinical Assembly, this unique and comprehensive resource is designed for both Jewish professionals and laypeople of all ages and levels of religious knowledge.

Rabbi Robert Abramson, past director of United Synagogue's education department and the CD's project advisor and editor, says, "Jews seeking to begin keeping kosher will find specific step-by-step guidance to simplify and organize what may at first seem a daunting task, while rabbis and laypeople will find scholarly material on the content, traditional sources and rationales for kashrut." The CD also includes a special interactive section for children, which provides age-appropriate information, as well as family activities that explore the experience of keeping kosher.

The project was made possible by a grant from the Melvin N. and Eunice A. Miller Foundation of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Miller Foundation supports projects that help families gain access their cultural heritage and that contribute to family functioning and community cohesiveness. Among other interests, it actively promotes kashrut and works to develop kashrut policy with Jewish organizations. Millers' Guide to Practices in Communal Agencies and Organizations is included in the CD.

According to Rabbi Jerome Epstein, United Synagogue's executive vice president emeritus, "Kashrut is a pillar of Jewish life. Out of the very ordinary act of eating, kashrut enables us to sanctify our relationship to God and to the Jewish community past, present and future."

Judy Yudof, who was United Synagogue's international president when the CD first was offered, says, "The CD is user friendly and provides several interactive and fun features for adults and children including a kitchen with pop-up text at every click of the mouse. This CD will be a popular and sought-after resource for individuals, synagogue schools, congregational adult education programs, and modern Jewish libraries."

The United Synagogue/Rabbinical Assembly Joint Committee included Rabbi Azriel Fellner, Judith Fellner, Allan Wegman and Walter Cohen. Mr. Cohen, of Red River Films, was executive producer of the project. The material for the CD-ROM was synthesized and developed by Rabbi Steven Morgen.

The CD is both IBM and Macintosh compatible. It is available from the United Synagogue Book Service for $6.95 plus shipping (a volume discount is available for orders of more than 15 copies). Click here to order, call 800-594-5617, fax 212-253-5422, or e-mail

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