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Kashrut Update

Posted: 9/19/06

The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards has voted to accept the hashgachot, or kashrut supervision, of both Rabbi Dov Hazdan, whose symbol is the Ner Tamid K, and of the KOAOA, the Kosher Overseers Associates of America, which sometimes is know as the half-moon K. This means that when the symbols of the Ner Tamid K or the KOAOA appear on food packaging, those foods are kosher.

Rabbi Hazdan supervises foods from Amy’s Kitchen; its packaging will have either the Ner Tamid or a K. Both of those symbols signal Rabbi Hazdan’s supervision. The KOAOA supervises many national products, and many health foods and sauces, including Newman’s Own. The products are either parve or dairy, as marked.

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