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Considering Conversion to Judaism?

Perhaps you are married to a Jewish person and are considering conversion to Judaism. Your interest may stem from reading Jewish books or taking courses at college, from contact with Jewish friends, your love relationship with a Jew, an unfulfilledspiritual quest, an awareness of Jewish parentage or ancestry, or a positive image of Jewish religion conveyed by films and the media. You may be wondering: Have others who have chosen Judaism faced the same concerns and questions I have? What types of concerns triggered the initial involvement of other Jews By Choice?

Polling of hundreds of converts to Judaism has offered the following motivations.

Religious Related

  • Belief that Judaism is an attractive religion
  • Feeling that God is leading them down this path
  • Feeling that Jewish beliefs make sense
  • Liking Jewish worship
  • Liking the realism in Jewish practices
  • Sense of spiritual or religious need
  • Search for a better religious identity

Marriage Related

  • Concern for religious identity of children
  • Desire for a Jewish wedding
  • Desire to provide children with a coherent family tradition and religion
  • Desire to share faith and practice with partner

Community Related

  • Admiration of Jewish accomplishments in the face of hostilities
  • Desire to belong to a close community
  • Desire to be part of an ancient heritage which has withstood the test of time
  • Feeling that Jews live desirable lives
  • Many Jewish friends

Although not every one of these categories may reflect your personal state of mind, perhaps some of them will accurately portray your feelings and help move you toward exploring a profound religious decision.

We encourage you to consider unifying your household as a Jewish family. For further information in beginning a path of study and of spiritual encounter with Judaism, we invite you to call your regional United Synagogue or Rabbinical Assembly.

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