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USCJ Israel Programs and Travel

United Synagogue is now partnering with Israel Tour Connection (ITC).

ITC creates custom tours of Israel, Cuba, and Eastern Europe for synagogues, families, and all types of Jewish groups. ITC and its principals are committed to strengthening the Conservative Movement in North America, Israel, and around the world. The company makes a point of connecting visitors with Israel’s growing Masorti movement, bringing them to Masorti kehillot, and introducing them to rabbis, young people, and secular Israelis who have discovered a love for Judaism through their exposure to the Masorti approach. ITC also introduces visitors to Conservative Judaism’s “home” in Israel, the Fuchsberg Center in Jerusalem, and arranges lectures there by outstanding scholars from the Conservative Yeshiva. We are truly delighted to offer our kehillot the services of ITC, and we encourage you to contact them. They can customize trips for large synagogues, help smaller kehillot team up with other groups to make a trip affordable, and develop trips that appeal to all sorts of special interests and types of people. 


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