Mezuzah Accessibility (1997)

WHEREAS, Jews are commanded (Yoreh Deah 289:6) to place a mezuzah on the top third of the doorposts of their homes; and

WHEREAS, traditionally mezuzot are placed so high within the top third of the doorpost that they are not accessible to young people and the disabled confined to wheelchairs; and

WHEREAS, placing mezuzah lower within the top third of the doorpost is halakhically permissible, enables all Jews to fulfill this mitzvah and increases awareness in the community of the needs of those unable to reach the mezuzah;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that THE UNITED SYNAGOGUE OF CONSERVATIVE JUDAISM calls upon all affiliated congregations to place the mezuzot low enough within the top third of the doorposts of the entrances to the synagogue to make them readily accessible to all and encourages individuals to do the same in their homes.

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