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Winter 2012/2013



As United Synagogue Turns 100, RICHARD SKOLNIK asks you to Help Us Chart the Course for the Next Decades

SARRAE CRANE hopes that Women’s League members are Using the Gifts We’ve Been Given

Can the People of the Book Become the People of the iPad, wonders FJMC’s RABBI CHARLES SIMON

CJ SHORTS: News in Brief about Conservative Judaism

Conservative Judaism: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

The Rocky Road to Conservative Judaism
According to RABBI HERBERT ROSENBLUM, when Solomon Schechter formed United Synagogue he didn’t realize the conflicts he faced would continue for decades

Conservative or Orthodox?
For RABBI ADAM FRANK the question is, does the Jewish world know the difference? Do we?

The Vital Center is Holding
RABBI ALAN SILVERSTEIN reassures us that the reports of the demise of Conservative Judaism are greatly exaggerated

United Synagogue at 100
Join us to Celebrate Our Achievements and Help Shape the Future, writes SHIRA DICKER

The Jewish Year: Chanukah

When Jews Play Santa
In this excerpt from his new book, JOSHUA ELI PLAUT looks at Jews who love to volunteer on Christmas

Chanukkah: A Darker Tale
JONATHAN ENGEL explains how the real story behind the holiday should strengthen our resolve to reject extremism

The Written Word

What's a Jewish Writer, Anyway?
Author JOSHUA HENKIN shares his own take on being both a Jew and a writer

CJ Reviews: Children's Books
Just in time for Chanukkah, BERYL BRESGI looks at some new titles

CJ Voices

Convention 2012: Making a Difference for Women's League
SHELLY GOLDIN and MARILY N WIND introduce bylaws amendments and resolutions that will transform the organization

Camp Ramah and FJMC: A Special Relationship
Three FJMC regions describe how they support their local Ramah camps

Dancing, Singing, Hugging, Screaming
Former president JOSHUA ULL reflects on how his USY experience shaped him

For Young Adults, Israel Their Way
A new Masa Israel Journey option lets Conservative/ Masorti participants customize their trips

V is for Vashti
LISA KOGEN illustrates how Vashti has been transformed from a vilified harridan to a vindicated heroine of the Purim story thanks to a popular program from Women’s League

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