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Fall 2012



For MICHAEL MILLS, in FJMC, It's About Relationships

United Synagogue's RABBI STEVEN WERNICK describes Sukkot as a Holistic Religious Experience and How He Stopped Being a Sukkah Snob

For Women's League's RITA L. WERTLIEB, A New Year, A New Vision


The Holiday State of Mind
According to RABBI GERALD C. SKOLNIK, the fall holiday cycle reflects the ebb and flow of life

How to Have a Cool Family Sukkot
It doesn't take much to make the most out of one of the most joyous holidays on our calendar, explains MERYL GREENWALD GORDON

Temporary Shelter: One Sukkah's Stories of Homelessness
Artist HEATHER G. STOLTZ has created a temporary art installation that will inspire you to consider the homeless in your city

What Happens in the Sukkah Stays in the Sukkah!
MICHAEL BRASSLOFF illustrates some of the ways men's clubs take advantage of the season to celebrate

Coming Home: A Synagogue Ends Its Time in the Wilderness
After ten years, a congregation's environmentally friendly building is ready, according to BONNIE RIVA RAS

Operation Tent of Abraham and Sarah
United Synagogue has partnered with Project H.O.O.D. to help end gun violence across America

Sulam Leadership Training: It's Not Just for Presidents Anymore
KAREN BROOKS describes how United Synagogue's commitment to leadership training has been expanded

A Family Found
ARTIE DEAN'S CJ story about a family heirloom was the catalyst for discovering family he always assumed had not survived the Holocaust

Ten Truths of Synagogue Life
After a decade in the rabbinate, RABBI ADAM J. RASKIN shares what he has learned from his experiences

Halachah in the Modern World: Should There Be a Dress Code in Our Synagogues?
What you choose to wear to synagogue should not be an issue for anyone else, admonishes RABBI HILLEL HAYYIM LAVERY YISRAELI

Rabbi Mordecai Waxman, z”l: Trailblazer in Interfaith Relations
A leading force in the Conservative movement is remembered by his son, RABBI JONATHAN WAXMAN

Women's League Values Our Vets
A tradition of helping others in conjunction with a Women's League convention continues

FJMC Goes to Peru
For DR. GARY and LEAH SMITH, the highlight of the joint FJMC/Masorti Olami trip to Peru was Shabbat in a very small town

CJ Reviews
The Observant Life is reviewed by RABBI NEIL GILLMAN and RABBI CATHARINE CLARK and RABBI JEREMY FINE react


Same-Sex Ceremonies See the Light of Day
RABBI AVRAM ISRAEL REISNER is one of the authors of two new ceremonies from the Rabbinical Assembly that will add meaning and context to same sex weddings

How to Make a Difference in the World: Teach Jewish Social Entrepreneurship
List College's signature program is described by REBECCA HAMMERMAN

When is Education Experiential Education?
MARK S. YOUNG elaborates on why it takes facilitation and reflection to create truly experiential education

The Meaning of Being Young Jews Today
Noted researcher ARIELA KEYSAR was pleased by what she heard from a group of high school students

Critical Loyalty: Defending Israel Should Be Complex
ALEX SINCLAIR is adamant that students need to understand the country's complexities to be successful Israel advocates

Tapping the Passion of USY Alumni
United Synagogue announces a new alumni association

The Ed-Men: Educational Game Changers Join "820"
Two visionary educators are welcomed to United Synagogue

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